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Life of as student is not easy juggling classes and coursework but for Michelle she still find time to create content for her life channel of YouTube. She has so many interesting stories to tell us and we hooked up with her to understand her journey better please enjoy

Who is Peaches?

My name is Michelle Gusha also known as Peaches. I am Zimbabwean but grew up in South Africa. l am 22 years old. I am a student at Unisa studying law.

What was life like growing up?

When l was young l didn’t know how hard life was until I got old. I got to understand how difficult things were back then. We lived by hand to mouth back in Zimbabwe but when we moved to SA things changed for the better. Moving here was really challenging as a kid because l had to change schools and adjust to a different lifestyle. However there were a lot of good things which happened when l was growing like getting to know different languages, cultures and meeting new friends

Content creation does it come naturally or you work it?

I can basically say content creation is something which comes naturally however sometimes l work on it. The reason l say so it’s because sometimes as a person you run out of ideas and you have to work on it to make things work

How did your experiences and cultural differences shapeyou as a person?

I personally had really good experiences here in SA. I know a lot of people might have faced racism and xenophobia attacks but for me it’s a different story. Everyone l met showed me Ubuntu. When it comes to cultural differences l really had good supporting friends, if l didn’t know anything they would teach me. Cultural differences shaped me personally because l got to learn new things and how they are done. Living ekasi moulded me to be a confident and hard working lady because l got to see a lot of people who failed in life but managed to stand tall and make it which inspired me also.

Have a Youtube channel?

Yes l do have a YouTube channel. My handle is Michelle Gusha. My YouTube channel is about Beauty and Lifestyle.

How do you deal with mental health as a creative?

Personally l haven’t found the best way to deal with mental health but l usually stay off social media and communicate to the person am close to. This usually takes several days which also makes me procrastinate for a while on creating content but l get back on my feet

What tools have helped you in YouTube career?

Researching ,watching other YouTubers videos helped me on how they started their channels and reading content creating books has helped me in my career. Especially on how l should manage my time .You can’t just wake up and say today lm starting a YouTube channel. You must have more information.

Would you recommend someone to do a channel and what pitfalls should they avoid?

I would recommend anyone to start a YouTube channel. However there is a lot you need to know before you start a YouTube channel. I will repeat again you must do your research, know your niche. Learn from people who are doing the same niche as you and also socialise with people to get exposure. The pull pits you have to avoid are not planning for your videos at least write down a list of videos you want to because sometimes you run out of content and once you stop you will somehow start procrastinating and also don’t let the comments from people put you down and start thinking of this YouTube thing is really necessary

Lastly how do people get in touch with you on socials?

On Instagram @Official.mee_chelle

On Twitter @mee_chelle1

Michelle Gusha – YouTube

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