The inspiring story of hope and faith Hatiperi

For someone doing so well, it was not always easy for the man behind the brand, HATIPERI. Raised by a single mother and being the only boy in his family, life was not always easy for Tinotenda Matayi as they went through all the trials and tribulations.

Tinotenda lost his mother before he went to college. But she had already laid his path for him, by paying for his first semester tuition fees. His sister and her husband quickly stepped in to help him with his fees as he went by. But it was in college where he got his iconic brand. Whilst his peers at school were on top of their game with their lives, Tinotenda could only wish to be just like them. But that never faltered him, he kept his focus on his school work. He kept up with his peers and later realised that he was still going. He was definitely not depreciating and his personal motto came to mind, Hatiperi.

Stuck to his motto, Tinotenda went on to buy a plain tee and he printed the words HATIPERI on it. He wanted it to be his motivation whenever he felt inferior and also to send a message to everyone. Lucky for him, his friends actually read it out and clear and they were all excited when he met up with then whilst wearing his newly printed tee. They encouraged him to make more and one of them went as far as offering to buy the merchandise if no one would buy them.

Hatiperi with Holy Ten

Building a business

After selling his vest and hat branded, HATIPERI to his cousin in Mutare was went he realised he could grow this into a notable business. Tinotenda’s first stock then quickly arrived from China after making a deal with a friend. With 4 tees, 2 hoodies and some beanies branded with his motto, Tino roamed around selling his own stuff.

After sometime, he went on to approach certain design majors and they discussed what he wanted in terms of his branded logo. And just like that they delivered what he really wanted. To attract more people to his brand, he had some girls photographed with his merchandise on. With the pictures, he created awareness on social media and promoted his brand.

Hatirepi and Hon Fortune Chasi

And from there on, Tinotenda Matayi has been growing his brand slowly and steady. He managed to register his brand with help of a great team. Heacquired his own printing machines as well as get a shop in the capital. Not that everything is smooth sailing for him, but his past experiences with life have taught him to stay committed as well as keep on with his work still. He still gives his credit mostly to his mother and family and it looks like we are going to keep on seeing him for a long time.

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