How to trade on ZSE

Financial and capital markets have been trending lately with people trying to harness a bit of extra cash on the markets. But before we can get into trading and selling and cashing in, there is a lot to learn in terms of the markets and the stocks. Recently a mobile app has been developed by a company called The Morgan & Co. The Morgan & Co Research Appsimplifies the investment space for you by offering in-depth research content in Zimbabwe’s investment landscape. The App also offers:• Economic & Market Intelligence Reports• Results Review Flash Notes on all listed companies on the ZSE and FINSEC• Company-specific Research Reports• Industry/Sector Reports• Thematic Research Reports• Macroeconomic & Equity Strategy Reports

Also to gain a basic understanding on capital markets, follow @SECZIM on Twitter and download their Investment 101 handbook to gain basic knowledge on capital markets. It is available on their website.

After learning and grasping the concepts, one should always choose which trading company to trade with. The most common one is the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). The ZSE has been one of the platforms that people trade in that is buy and sell stocks. The ZSE is a licensed securities exchange in terms of the Securities and Exchange Act (24:25), with a core mandate to facilitate long term capital raising through listing of securities as well as offering secondary market securities trading and issuer regulation services. To start trading on the ZSE, you will need to do the following• Identify a stock broker• Open a trading account• Choose the asset in which to invest in• Make a deposit

How those in the diaspora market can participate

Even those in the diaspora can trade as long as they can deposit in ZWL$ to fund their account. Now with digitalisation taking over everything, we can now trade online in Zimbabwe using the following options; @CTRADEmobileand @ZSE_ZW(through the ZSE direct platform).

@CTRADEmobile is an innovation developed to harness and promote participation of retail investors and institutions in financial and capital markets through mobile and internet based platforms. C-Trade can be accessed via Web portal, USSD, Android App and IOS. @ZSE_ZW ZSE Direct is an online and mobile platform that enables users to view their CSD holdings and be able to buy and sell securities listed on the ZSE remotely. Investors can access ZSE Direct through the Web portal. The minimum amount to trade is ZWL$500 on ZSE Direct and ZWL$100 on C-Trade respectively. Alternatively you can trade directly through the desk of a registered stockbroking firm, but the minimum requirement is significantly higher. It is now easy to fund your @CTRADEmobile account using the USSD option. To fund your account, you have to go through the following;• Dial *727#• Complete options 1-5• Name details• Personal details• Addresses• Bank details• Custodians• Finally select option 6 to complete process

After setting up your accounts, it is always important to track your portfolio and get in touch with the current affairs happening. It is always ideal to stay up-to-date as it helps you make choices on when to sell or buy your stocks. For more information on the CTRADEmobile and the ZSE, their websites offer a vast amount of information that can help one be more informed and aware of what is taking place with the markets.

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