Meet the poetic LIPPA Saint Valentine

Rose are red and Scarlet is blue Valentine can write poetry , he is one of the digital natives who have harnessed the power of the internet to make others dreams com true. A passionate man based in Bulawayo is fond of the city and its energy. Here is his story from how he was raised and what he is making of his life including his latest book LIPPA

Who is Valentine?

Valentine is a young Zimbabwean man, a social media entrepreneur and published author. He runs CurateByo, CurateZim, Poetritis Nirvana and Bulawayo Bloggers. He recently published a poetry book titled LIPPA and its currently selling high on Amazon.

My parents instilled in me as I was growing up

My parents instilled humbleness and the will to persevere through any setbacks in life. I owe my steady growth to them due to their continued motivational support and prayers.

Saint Valentine

My community has taught me to?

My community has taught me to address solutions to problems and provide niche products that serve the people in your surroundings. It is always key to figure out how to how to get involved in community projects, initiatives and provide solutions that make life easier for those that surround you

I find out I was creative when?

Creativity is rarely a choice, it comes from the inside and gradually builds up. I’ve been doing small creative stunts since I was in Primary school. There just came a time when I realised what I enjoy more and where I find more satisfaction and gratification. So as much as I multi-task in life, I find my my creative endeavors are more recognized and give me more purpose on this Earth

What was it like your first time doing a public address?

I don’t perform much as I’m a page poet and mostly run projects and pull strings behind the scenes. I acted a bit in junior school, performed at talent shows in high school and first performed poetry at Indaba Book Cafe in my twenties.

Writing poetry makes me feel?

Poetry gives me wings and abilities to interpret, decipher and provoke thought. It is a form of psychoanalysis and I dwell more on feelings, relationships and common human dilemmas. Poetry had become a natural beauty I admire and wear daily.

You had poems and wanted to release it, walk us through the whole creative and publishing process?

Publishing my poetry gave me the opportunity to share my writing with the world. I ceased to write for my own pleasure or that of the few in my close circles. I decided that my words should go beyond borders and be felt by as many people as possible. I worked with a South African publisher, Grammar House and I’m happy with the reach LIPPA has reached across the globe.

Being a digital native what opportunities have been opened for you using through the net?

The net has provided the ease of operating despite location. Effective use of internet can be very beneficial, the sky is the limit in terms of how far and wide your work can reach. There are so many tools available online. I have also included experts in areas I’m not good at and work with a small dedicated team and partnerships on all my projects.

What are some of the most important lessons you have learned through LIPPA’s production and distribution

LIPPA has taught me that books do not sell themselves and one has to wake up daily with a plan of what to push or do next. Its hard work as with any successful projects. I have also learnt that one should be with hard on themselves first and believe in their work, package your product well and let all the magic unfold.

How can someone in Zimbabwe buy the book? can we expect an event for the book launch?

My book is available as hardcopy and ebook on Amazon and Kindle for worldwide purchase. In South Africa its available on Takealot which offers home delivery. In Zimbabwe I can be contacted for orders and shipping arrangements to be done.

Buy book here :

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