Empowering and walking the talk Ruvimbo Cee

The coin has two sides so ,life is like that what you choose to do with it defines who you are and the impact you make on peoples lives will outlive you, I talked to a passionate Zimbabwean who has empowered so many people through talks, philanthropical work, and content creation, We get to hear what moves her and what makes her cry or leap for joy. Ladies and Gentleman meet Ruvimbo Cee

You’re in a room (new space) best way can you introduce yourself?

  My name is Ruvimbo Cee, I’m a speaker by passion, philanthropist by purpose and a Zimbabwean by tradition.

Grew up in a family of?

I was an only child just surrounded by so many loving cousins but our family has an extended family, one younger brother and one older sister. 

Going to school and college was?

An emotional rollercoster, I studied in Zimbabwe till grade 3, then relocated to England. I was bullied in my first year of primary school for being new and different I guess but soon became popular because I could dance so all the girls later wanted to be my friend especially during our PE dance lessons. Secondary school was interesting, I was the girl many other girls loved to hate but for silly reasons such as “you think you are too nice”, “You walk like you are a model”, “you talk like you`re American”.College wasn’t much different either.

You’re a bold person, has this ‘strength always been there’

Definitely not, I’ve always been that girl who keeps under the radar, who doesn’t like putting themselves out there. Staying in my comfort zone and not doing anything to attract attention was my thing.

My biggest fear was always what if I put myself out there and then fail.

Things I had to unlearn?

I learnt that personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but of unlearning old habits.

The first thing I had to let go of was limiting beliefs I had placed in my mind of how much I can achieve as a person. A constant reminder that people’s opinions and thoughts do not define who I am. To be honest with me it was always a mind thing, mastering my mind, now my motto in life is “My only limitation is my own mind.”

Inflame the Dream

How do you connect with Zimbo’s ( Zimbabwean by tradition)

I wasn’t always exposed to Zim circles, however, since 2011 I founded a charitable trust called Inflame the Dream. Inflame the Dream is a community-based organisation that seeks to equip, develop & empower young people into effective leaders. The organisation was set up in 2012, with the simple vision to empower and ignite dreams and visions. This for me is the biggest way that I connect with my people especially the younger generation. I also have a large circle of young females and males from Harare & Bulawayo that I mentor. I guess giving back to my people is my way of connecting.

What’s the first mistake you made as creator?

Trying to do too much at the same time. I guess when you have so much you want to do and achieve you can get excited and want to do everything all at once. I definitely realised pacing yourself and fully mastering your craft, niche, the brand is very important and will cut out alot of the unnecessary.

Three things I learned the hard way as creative?

1) Not everybody is for you, at times the journey can get lonely those you thought will be there to watch you pull through will fallback but that’s okay, you move.

2) Time management – Learning to manage my time, especially with recording weekly content, you have to have a working method and system to make it easier for yourself.

3) Protecting your energy – I no longer have time to accommodate everybody, if your energy doesn’t resonate well with my energy I don’t have your time. Your time is precious your energy, even more, save your energy for people who help you grow vise versa, bad energy stay far away! Trust me, I wasted so much energy accomodating people that did not deserve it, that can drain you and leave you worn out.

Empowering others mean to me?

Well, firstly I believe this word is thrown around loosely. I`ve witnessed so much and experienced a lot especially working and connecting with these women empowerment groups that I had to stop and ask myself too what are we empowering here, but hey thats a story for another day.

For me empowering others means “inspiring to aspire”. I have to “put power” into you or bring engergy and enthusiam out of you, inorder for you to attain what you need to attain, achieve what what you need or push through what you need to push through.

Five songs I am vibing to?

My range of music is very electic.

1) Freeman – Fake (Freeman is my guy, my favourite Zimdancehall artist).

2) Mambo dhuterere – Kubata basa ( Dont get me started on this song)

3) Davido – Holy ground

4) Olamide – Infinity

5) Sean Tizzle – For me

This is my favorite book and series?

Hmm, tough one, i read alot of books. If I had to pick one I would say Power Thoughts – Joyce Meyer.

The first season of your podcasts what are the important things have you mastered?

Well I always say drafting the content for the podcast is the easiest for but one thing I have mastered is the delivery of what I am saying. Sometimes, its not what you say but how you say it and especially with a motivational podcast its key that the delivery of what youre saying is spot on. Delievery includes, tone, pace, emphasis, articulation of words, all of that.

Oh, lets not forget the editing. I edit, mix and do the production myself, so yes I have had to master that too.

New season is here what can audience expect?

Season 2 launched on the 16th March. This season is all about self-improvement #ItAllStartsWithSelf. Topics discuseed in this season are more relatable to our day to day lives, their raw and unfiltered. Weve also got a #LetsConnect segment were listeners get a chance to share their opinions and thoughts on each episode so that should get interesting.

Why is it important to fix another Queens crown?

Because women are more powerful when they work together. Real queens fix each others crowns without letting the world know it was crooked.

Three things African (local based can learn from the diasporians?

1) Business – ( franchising, legal registration of companies/ trusts, trademark etc.

2) Online marketing / resources for business reach out

3) Health education – Proper general regular health checks, allergy checks, symptoms etc.

My favorite place to visit (tourist attraction)  in Zimbabwe is?

Truth be told, I haven’t visited as many places in Zimbabwe as I would like, most of my visits are to carry out my charity works and most of that time is spent in orphanages. So I can only speak on what I’ve experienced and trust me nothing is more fulfilling than that. I can’t pinpoint one orphanage exactly because I connected with them differently, however there’s this one specific orphanage in Mutoko where Inflame the Dream all started, it’s definitely up there with my favourite places.

If im not doing any of the above then I`m eating sadza at Gava`s lol.

Message to young women?

Hey Girl,

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess. Feeling confident in yourself enables you to trust in your own abilities , qualities and judgement.  Take time out to examine yourself and discover your hidden qualities.  The more you discover your hidden qualites the more you improve your self confidence.  Know your value and feel proud and honoured to be the person you are.

Nobody is you, thats your super power!

(Own my mark podcast S1, Ep 9)

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