The Marange diamond curse!

I got a call from a Marange resident 2 days ago informing me that they were returning home from Mutare aboard a Commuter Omnibus when the Officer in Charge at Bambazonke, one Mutumbami, intercepted them and impounded the bus and it’s passengers. The OIC argued the bus had no permit to enter Marange. The bus crew and all the passengers, including mothers with little babies, spent the night caged in a fence at Bambazonke Police station with no ablution facilities or anything to cover themselves with – Torture. The informant said this is happening frequently as the diamond looting cartel tighten screws on their fortune.

By Farai Maguwu

Wards 29 and 30 of Marange – the heart of diamond mining activities – are impassable owing to terrible roads, hence there are only 3 Kombis plying the route. The diamond looting cartel has no interest even in repairing the roads they damage with their heavy mining vehicles. The informant operates a small grocery shop in Marange, so he had bought some perishables for resale. By the time they were released the following day and started the long jny home, some of his products gone bad and unfit for human consumption

Yesterday this photo of a young man mauled by dogs set on him by ZCDC security guards was sent to me. The torture this young man went through at the hands of the State that must protect him, will live with him for the rest of his life. Those looting Marange diamonds have instructed the murderous ZCDC security guards to inflict maximum harm on diamond diggers as a deterrent, guaranteeing them impunity. Not a single ZCDC guard has been arrested for the many citizens they have murdered in cold blood. Last week I sent gruesome images of badly tortured diamond diggers to ZCDC spokesperson Sugar Chagonda who promised to get back to me and am still waiting. Its our collective shame as Zimbabweans and black people of this country, that we have descended to such beastly and satanic behaviour towards each other just to protect the interests of a few corrupt individuals who believe they own Zimbabwe.

As long as we live, we shall never stop reminding you that Zimbabwe belong to us all, irrespective of political affiliation, age, gender or skin color. We shall continue to confess that it is our country and we have a divine duty to protect it from violence, torture and corruption. For the love of our country, we shall continue to reassert our peace loving culture – that it is un-Zimbabwean to torture and murder citizens to advance corruption and unrivaled looting of a national resource.

It’s been 15 years since diamonds were discovered in Marange. It’s been 15 years of murder, gruesome torture of citizens and abject poverty for the Marange community which is now under permanent ‘arrest’ after their community was declared a protected area under the Protected Areas and Places Act of Zimbabwe. To say the manner in which government is handling not only diamonds, but the entire mineral sector is a shame, would be an understatement. 99.99999% of Zimbabweans are extremely angry over the on going looting and stone-age human rights abuses taking place in Marange. Mining in Zimbabwe is for anything else except the sustainable development of this country. Forget about the $12 billion mining b.s by Chitando. As long as mining is not framed around improving the welfare of the Zimbabwean people, beginning with the affected communities, it is a curse to this nation.

You can’t even start to imagine how these torturers sleep at night? Earning a salary for torturing and killing fellow humans! In 2018 we invited the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission to attend the Marange Commemoration but sadly they didn’t come. Only the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission attended the event and heard the gruesome stories.

Marange diamonds have played a huge role in the economic collapse of Zimbabwe. They perfected cartel formation in 2008 when the ruling elites formed dodgy companies to loot the massive diamonds and the looting has continued to this day. Diamond looting has diverted government from service delivery to primitive accumulation of wealth by a handful of elites. We have filthy rich politicians who keep tens of millions of dollars at home, drive expensive cars on potholed roads and die like flies when pandemics hit because they don’t feel any responsibility to channel national resources towards improving the institutions they superintend.

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