New YouTube Account Shares 9 Soul Jah Love Songs After Singer’s Laptop With His Songs Goes Missing

A New YouTube account yesterday titled Soul Jah Love released 9 songs that were released by the musician before his unfortunate demise last month.

The new YouTube account released the following songs that were sang by Soul Jah Love:

  1. Ndiri Mhondoro
  2. Ndomira semurume
  3. Saka Vaudze
  4. Ndobuda Ndichipinda
  5. Ndasakura nadzunza
  6. Totenda dzanwa
  7. Nhau
  8. Ndinotenda
  9. Under pressure.

It is still not clear if this is just a YouTuber trying to monetise the musician’s music, or they are just sharing them for fun or they obtained consent from his family and his estate executor to share the musician’s songs.

Last month it emerged that someone had stolen Soul Jah Love’s laptop and flash drive that had a lot of his unreleased songs. It is still not clear at this point if the new YouTube account might be the person who reportedly took the missing items.

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