Leaves Home After Scary Incidents

Kendall Jenner‘s had it with trespassers, stalkers and death threats … so she’s packing up and leaving her Bev Hills home, with no plans to return.

Sources close to Kendall tell TMZ … after the latest scary incident Sunday, she’s moved out of her house because the possible risk is too much to stay — even though her armed security team has been increased.

We’re told she’s moved to a safe location with armed security … and has no plans to return to her home. It’s unclear if she will decide to sell the house.

TMZ broke the story … an alleged trespasser showed up at her place at 2 AM Sunday and attempted a naked swim in her pool. Kendall also got a temporary restraining order Monday against another guy who told police he planned to shoot and kill her and then himself.

That man’s currently in a mental health facility but could be released at any time … and the alleged trespasser from Sunday was arrested but is already back on the streets.

Kendall also had to deal with an alleged stalker getting onto her property twice in 2018 before getting a restraining order against him.

And, keep in mind, she moved to her current home after selling her WeHo homein 2017 following another string of scary incidents, including a burglary.

As for where Kendall might move … the neighborhood she’s in now is touted as being one of the most secure places in the city, so it’s a tough situation.

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