Gutu is embarrassing his handlers

My Dear my people,

I have never followed football, I do not think it’s a classy sport.

I inherited a love for cricket and tennis from Baba and once in a while, I sit down to watch those refined sports.

But I am tempted to start watching football and I will support Highlanders.

You see, those ones know how to vote and they showed it at the weekend, when they kicked out Kenneth Mhlophe as chairperson of the club.

Mhlophe thought he was the cock of the walk when he was being a guest to Ngwena, but the Bosso people didn’t like it.

How dare he? Not even I have stood next to Ngwena in more than two years and this man dared to tread where I, Ntombizodwa, fears.

Being hosted by Ngwena was a clear poisoned chalice and I am shocked Mhlophe did not realise something so obvious.

Was he really that naïve?

I wish the whole country understood elections and democracy like Highlanders.

If someone goes against your principles or does not deliver, ship him or her out, there is no point in mollycoddling and mounting a dead horse.

Some of these people that we call Members of Parliament are not fit for purpose and there is no reason why they continue being voted into power.

Speaking of Highlanders elections, I almost vomited in my mouth when I saw ZEC commissioner Qhubani Moyo posting proudly that he was going to vote.

For starters, Moyo works for a body that has conspired with Ngwena to ensure that by-elections are not held in Zimbabwe on the self-serving basis that we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Moyo does not see any irony in him going to vote in a Highlanders election when the rest of the country is denied their constitutionally mandated right to be represented by a person of their choice.

If Moyo had any principles in him and if he did not lack probity — kkk like Ngwena — he would not have gone to vote in the elections.

I bet the only principle that Moyo has is “do as I say, not as I do”.

You can say whatever you want to say about Baba, but the truth is that Zimbabwe always held elections as and when they were due, even if sometimes it meant that there was one candidate, kkk.

Right, is Zanu PF that desperate that there they are now accommodating and inviting defections, even by people with really no political capital?

I know Ngwena wants to show that he is fishing from the opposition’s pond, but Obert Gutu, really?

Gutu was in his element at the weekend, chronicling how politically woke he was and how he had joined Zanu PF while at university.

Fine and dandy, but the only problem is that Gutu swore a few years back that he had never been a member of Zanu PF, but instead had joined Zapu.

After reading the article and after all we know, can we really trust Gutu?

As if that is not enough, Jonso baited Gutu, who first denied having being a prosecutor during the Gukurahundi years and instead went on about his mentor.

He then conceded that he was a prosecutor at some point.

Then in an interview, he claimed the MDC Alliance had not gained votes during the last election, but anyone who can count the fingers on their hands knows that the opposition had most votes in 2018 than at any other time in our history.

Of course, Baba endorsed the opposition, that’s why they got so many votes.

Then Gutu has the guts to tell us that he is a student of history and a student of political science.

Well, I guess it’s safe to say he is not the brightest student in any of those disciplines.

From the look of things, Gutu is a liability rather than an asset to any political party and if
Ngwena was not that desperate, he would have ignored him.

What’s the story on Victor Matemadanda?

One day we are told that he has been jettisoned and the next he is denying that, insisting that he is still in charge.

We were told that he was fired for incompetence, among other things, but then we were also told that he is being sent to Mozambique as an ambassador.

So, Zimbabwe is going to be represented in Mozambique by someone who was deemed to be incompetent as a deputy minister?

You see the tragedy there. If he is not good enough to be a deputy minister, then he has no business being an ambassador.

Mozambique is in the throes of an insurgency and this is when we need a strong person to represent Zimbabwe, but yet we are sending an incompetent person.

The rumour mill has it that Matemadanda was a taxi driver in Zambia. Well, maybe this is the time for him to take his craft to Mozambique.

The man has truly gone international.


Dr AmaiStop it! PhD (Fake)

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