Sex robot ‘clones’ of dead partners created with 3D scans ‘could walk in near future’

sex robot company is offering clones that can replace dead partners using groundbreaking 3D modelling, the Daily Star has revealed.

Manufacturer Lux Botics says it produces “ultra-realistic humanoids” and advertises a flagship model called Stephanie.

She comes with speech control, a facial recognition function, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

However, customers who want a more familiar companion are able to recreate loved ones.

Initially, a 3D model would be created using sophisticated modelling before being printed out in a “very fine resolution”.

Lux Botics can also collect photos of the individual, but the end product would not be as realistic.

A mould would be constructed from the 3D model, with a robotic skeleton placed inside.

The robot would be painted and fitted with lips, nails, eyebrows and all other required features.

The artists involved are expected to charge $5,000 [£3,640]-$10,000 [£7,280] for one model, while the printing would cost $3,000 [£2,184]-$5,000. The mould would set customers back an additional $5,000.

Lux Botics co-founder Bjorn told the Daily Star: “We can make robots that talk but we have not made robots that truly walk on their own.

“We hope to develop this in the near future. We can make a large number of body parts that can move in a realistic manner.”

He added: “We have so far not made any body doubles but we do offer this choice for customers.”

Last month, the Daily Star revealed that grieving partners who’ve lost loved ones to the coronavirus are buying sex dolls to help ease the pain.

A cyborg woman with her eyes closed
Initially, a 3D model would be created using sophisticated scans (Image: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)

Supplier Silicone Lovers witnessed an explosion in demand after the introduction of lockdowns across the world.

They received some bizarre requests, with certain customers demanding dolls with human skeletons and animal-human hybrids.

However, others have begun to use their models as an emotional crutch.

Many of the company’s customers complained that they can’t “meet people or date easily” using its online chat service.

Co-founder Louie Love said: “Some…lost partners due to Covid and want a doll to aid with the grieving process, so it’s rewarding to be a part of that kind of healing process and know we’re genuinely helping people.

“Many people who wouldn’t normally even think of dolls as an option have turned their attention toward dolls.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in interest from couples as well, perhaps they might be stuck at home looking at ways to keep sex interesting during lockdown or exploring safe ways to try threesomes.”

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