Naisha drops Loyal

Niasha is only getting started. The Bulawayo native has been making music since 2011, but his career was launched nearly six years ago with his remix of Adele’s “Hello.” The song was a success, and he was able to follow it up with another hit, “Hope,” which received over 10,000 streams on Audiomack. Kuccie, Noluntu J, and Troy Larmain are Niasha’s new co-signers on “Loyal,” which features the four hard-hitting artists applying the pressure.

It’s obvious right away that “Loyal” is going to be a high-octane experience. Kuccie kicks things off with a steady, cool-tempo banger, his animated cadence as complex as his delivery. Niasha chooses not to include a verse, instead of focusing on the production; whether this is sufficient is up to you. Next up is Noluntu j, who keeps up with Kuccie’s pace with a succinct verse before Troy Larmain wraps things up with a melodic parting phrase.

LISTEN to the track now, and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out Niasha’s brand new album State Of Mind

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