Pastor Charamba: My children are welcome to become musicians

Pastor Charamba: My children are welcome to become musicians. Charamba, whose wife, Olivia and two eldest daughters, Shalom and Eternity, are part of the Fishers of Men band, made the remarks during an interview with The NewsHawks.

Popular gospel musician Pastor Charles Charamba says all his five children, three daughters and two sons, are welcome to become musicians if they decide. He said:

Shalom is the eldest and is 22. She’s studying for a degree at university. Eternity is 19, about to enrol as an undergraduate. They are not full-time backing vocalists of Fishers of Men per se.

We already have Bridget Mlambo and Mrs Lindiwe Kadiki. Those and Mai Charamba are the permanent singers. Our daughters have their own establishment in the making and it involves their other three siblings. They join us as and when they desire to, for interest’s sake.

They are welcome to become musicians if they decide to as long as they factor in the changes and dynamics that are associated with the arts industry. They also need to allow God to lead and direct them through prayer and faith. They are all musical.

Pastor Charamba said he considers singing as a family a blessing as it gives more spiritual energy when praying together and worshipping together as a family.

He however warned that it can tear family members apart if not handled properly. Said Pastor Charamba: It needs proper schooling and wisdom to distinguish between professional setting and family settings.

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