Reality show out to hook pastors with life partners

Two single pastors are looking for love and a God-fearing mate in new reality show Pastor Wants a Wife.

The 13-part show premiering tonight on Mzansi Magic sees the two bachelors, Apostle Aron Khunou and Pastor Lincoln Fero, put their faith in their churches and families to help them pick their future brides.

Pastor Fero

They will take a back seat as close relatives, friends and senior church members seek and help them select a partner from six potential candidates.

Khunou, 40, from Lethabong in Rustenburg, North West, has been unlucky in love. He has been in the ministry for 22 years.Apostle Aron Khunou hopes to find the bone of his bones in reality show.

“I have had failed relationships and lessons over the years. The church is a micro cosmos of the world. So you deal with all these people within the church that have gone through a lot that you get into that space too,” Khunou said.

“You find that there are some things that the church has failed to address in your life too. So when you get into a space looking for a partner, your measurements are skewed and you end up in messy situations.

“I’m looking for someone that knows God because I’m all about purpose. I’m looking for somebody who wants purpose and is purposeful about everything they do.”

Khunou is also a musician and his church is called City of Lights Ministries in Rustenburg.

“Love is everything and I think generally in life we are driven to look for anything outside ourselves, that to love the next person you must first love yourself. I have learnt to love myself because what you can’t give to yourself, you can’t give to another,” Khunou said.

Zimbabwean-born Fero’s journey is different and he’s part of start-up church Elijah Lincoln Ministries in Pretoria.New show lifts lid on private lives of Mzansi pastorsRustenburg-based pastor Goitsemang Aaron Lechuti was brave enough to tell the world about the so-called “unholy” lifestyle that he had been living.NEWS3 years ago

“I didn’t realise I was lacking something until the church leaders and my senior pastors felt like they need a mother for the church and that’s how my journey started,” Fero said.

“People have these wrong perceptions about pastors marrying and finding a wife; but they are going to discover that it’s just as hard for pastors to find love. Remember, as a man of God, people already say they know what we expect from them. So they all come acting as a stereotype of what a pastor’s wife should be.

“So the audience are going to realise that it’s hard for us to find genuine people. I have met a lot of people, but finding someone genuine is rare.”

The show is produced by Basetsana Kumalo’s Connect TV that has helmed unscripted productions Our Perfect Wedding and Date My Family.

“We believe in a story of love and through this new show, we hope that viewers will get a front-row seat to family and church dynamics when a pastor sets on a journey to find love.

“We have also lined up great potential wives whom viewers will find themselves falling in love with every step of the way,” said Kumalo

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