Zimbabwe opposition must put its house in order

THE opposition’s capacity and chance to defeat Zanu-PF in the 2023 elections is being threatened by squabbles in what should be an alternative. The most urgent thing is for the opposition to put its house in order and fight in one corner.

While MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa fared exceptionally well in the 2018 elections considering that party founder Morgan Tsvangirai had died a few month before elections, it is my hope that the opposition should develop the 2023 momentum from that solid foundation.

With the ruling Zanu-PF party in sixes and sevens, 2023 presented a good opportunity for Zimbabwe to fix her toxic policies, especially with a united opposition.

The decision by power-hungry, greedy and gluttonous individuals within the opposition rank and file to recall elected representatives from Parliament and councils is calculated to stop the winds of change.

The demonic spirit driving the anti-alliance clique is not worried about enhancing the chances of the MDC Alliance president, in this case Chamisa, winning the presidency. All they want is for themselves and their hangers-on to become councillors, mayors, senators and Members of Parliament.

Yet we have always had huge numbers of opposition members in those offices with nothing changing except their personal and family lifestyles.

If the MDC Alliance is to succeed, Chamisa must crack the whip on all those scuttling alliance efforts. We cannot have two or three godfathers or provincial kingpins holding the nation to ransom.

The actions of MDC-T leaders Douglas Mwonzora, Morgen Komichi, Elias Mudzuri, and Thokozani Khupe, to mention a few, call for Zimbabweans to reflect on the calibre of people they have in the opposition.

This clique has reversed the democratic gains that the country had made since the turn of the century.

We cannot tolerate a situation where a few individuals tear apart progress just to satisfy their egos.

If nothing is done to bring sanity to the opposition in the shortest possible period, I am convinced that anarchy will prevail, leaving a cornered President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF to prevail again.

No one wants the confusion and conflict in the opposition.

On paper and on the ground barring jealousy and giving credit where it is due, Chamisa remains the best foot forward.

He has the numbers, mental capacity and energy to defeat Zanu-PF on its own turf, come 2023.

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