Artist to Watch: Rodney Lee talks cling girls (chitsoma) in new single

Rodney Lee Mupitirira is a rapper, singer and songwriter born and raised in Gweru. He is currently studying at University of Zimbabwe. Rodney is currently officially signed at Sokowe MG. He started working with Sokowe MG in 2018 as an individual artist and from there they recorded several projects. After working with Sokowe Mg for the past few years, Rodney got affiliated and being signed to Sokowe Mg which was a major step towards his career as artist. In a few words, Sokowe Mg realized the potential in the young artist and made his dreams come true.

Rodney has a versatile music style which is a fusion mainly of ZimHiphop, RnB and Afropop. It is highly noticeable that he is heavily influenced by Drake although he has his own fresh and original sound. He creates a diverse sound which represents the nation and like any other artist he aspires to take our music industry as further as possible, with the hope that it will get more recognition internationally. 

Recently he released his debut single titled Chitsomawhich is an AfroDancehall fusion with Major Lazer influences in-terms of its production. Chitsoma is slang for someone who is constantly nagging for attention to a point where it becomes too annoying and makes that person come off as way too needy. In our vernacular language ‘Chitsoma munhu anotsoma’. The track was produced ,mixed and mastered by the all famous,Afrow Zenda, at Sokowe MG.

Rodney is working on his debut EP which is set to be released later this year. He also has a couple of singles coming after his single Chitsoma. He is set to grow and collaborate as much as possible.

Listen to the song

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