The clubs cannot leave!’ – Real Madrid president Perez makes big Super League claim & warns of bankruptcy

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has maintained the Super League is not dead, insisting that its members remain in place despite many having signalled their intention to leave.

The Spanish champions were one of 12 clubs to announce the launch of the Super League last weekend, only to see it collapse amid a furious fan backlash.

Clubs from the Premier League were the first to walk away, with Perez claiming one of them “infected” the others, but the Madrid chief does not believe that the plans for the new competition are now in tatters.

What has been said?

Despite being disappointed by the failure of the Super League, Perez maintains the competition is not dead, warning that contracts are binding and that it will be revived.

“I’m not going to explain now what a binding contract is,” Perez told AS. “But the clubs cannot leave.

“Some of them, because of pressure, have had to say that they’re leaving. But this project or one like it will go forward, and I hope it’s soon.

“The Super League still exists, and the members are still in it. Now we have given ourselves some weeks to think, while we face the violence that some people, who don’t want to lose their privileges, have used to manipulate our project.”

Perez on Champions League reforms

Amid the Super League furore, UEFA announced changes to the Champions League – with an expanded format set to come into play in the 2024-25 campaign.

Perez claims UEFA’s proposals do not address the issues facing football at the moment and warned that clubs face bankruptcy if changes aren’t made soon.

“The Super League does not go against domestic competitions and its objective is to ensure that more money is available for all sections of football,” he said.

“The concept is to generate more interest for the games. Nor do I think that the changes which UEFA have made are a real solution to the problem because what has been proposed isn’t even an improvement on the current model. 

“Also, we cannot wait until 2024. But in any case, we must have done something badly. We are going to try to turn this around and develop more ideas. Maybe the solution is for the top four teams in every league to play.

“The truth is, no. Not the format, that nobody understands, not the time period, because by 2024… either we fix this before or all the clubs go bankrupt.”

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