Update On Grant Thornton Audit: ZINARA Restructuring

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has said it is rebranding and restructuring in line with recommendations made following the Grant Thornton Forensic Audit report of 2017.

It was alleged that some of the bosses (executive managers) were not promoted on merit but it was pure nepotism as “no due process was followed at all.”

In a statement this Sunday, ZINARA said it had recruited new Directors adding that the process was above board. Read the statement:

ZINARA takes note of the Parliamentary Report in respect of legacy issues mainly drawn from the Grant Thornton Forensic report of 2017. ZINARA is seized with the full implementation of all recommendations made and to date has resolved most of the concerns raised in the report. This is being done in liaison with all key stakeholders.

The current ZINARA team is spearheading a restructuring and rebranding process aimed at restoring sanity at the institution. This is a process that will culminate in a transparent and improved road fund to ensure sustainable road rehabilitation and maintenance in line with ZINARA’s core mandate. The recruitment of present ZINARA Directors was done procedurally and all have the requisite qualifications for their current roles.

ZINARA is one of the government parastatals that have perennially been reported by the Registrar-General’s reports as having grand corruption.

The rot is alleged to be one of the main reasons why the country’s roads are “death traps.

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