Blind Man (41) Rapes Niece (15) After Sharing Blankets With Her

A visually handicapped man from Mutanha Village under Chief Murinye allegedly raped his sister’s daughter (15) whom he shared a sleeping place and blankets with.

The State alleges that sometime in August 2019 Alexander Mubaiwa, 41, Mubaiwa shared blankets with his sister’s children. He then told the complainant to sleep next to him because the other children were bedwetting. He then allegedly raped the girl and threatened her if she divulged the incident to anyone.

On the second count in September the accused allegedly invited the complainant into his room and raped her.

There are also reports that the accused started raping the complainant since she was in Grade 5.

The offense was discovered by the complainant’s mother when she was bathing with her daughter and realized that her private parts were no longer intact. She interrogated the girl who divulged what has been happening between her and the accused.

A report was made at Nemanwa Police on September 15, 2019, and the medical results showed that the complainant was raped.

Mubaiwa appeared before Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka on Thursday last week facing two counts of rape and was remanded in custody to tomorrow.

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