Do ANC rogues still have more aces up their sleeves?

This week marks the end of the 30-day period given to ANC rogues who are facing criminal charges to step aside. There are many such dodgy characters in the whole ANC, the most elevated of them is the secretary general, Ace Magashule. We all wait to see if he will indeed step aside.

Magashule used the 30-day period to consult people he trusts. Logic dictates that he who needs sound advice would go to a source with wisdom and credibility. In the ANC, Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe rank the highest among living former leaders. The two have never been accused of rape or state capture.

When a criminal wants to dodge the law, where must he go? Such is the inverted logic that made Magashule to go all the way to Nkandla, to listen to he who has mastered the art of playing hide and seek with the law.

But all that need not concern us ordinary South Africans. The most important matter for us is what the rogues have been planning to do. It has come to light that Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashule have been planning what they call a national shutdown.

This destabilisation campaign pivots around Magashule himself.  Taxis have already been branded, bearing the message: “Hands off Ace Magashule”. The plan is for the taxis to transport thousands of rented hooligans to Gauteng, to tell the leadership of the ANC to stop ‘persecuting’ Magashule. The method is to cause mayhem, to the extent that the whole country comes to a standstill.

The ANC is aware of this. A telephonic recording of Fikile Mbalula warning one of the organisers of the chaos has been circulated widely in SA. By their very nature, conspiracies are foggy. They are characterised by feints and subterfuges. And so is the “hands off Ace Magashule” conspiracy.

There are many layers to the conspiracy. The god of it all is the man in Nkandla. His end game is to cause chaos to the point where President Cyril Ramaphosa calls to offer him a deal involving permanent immunity from the law.

In other words, Zuma is giving the Constitutional Court the middle finger in anticipation of a ‘political’ deal he hopes to extract from Ramaphosa at gunpoint. The man knows that all his pseudo-legal games have now reached a deadend.

Ace Magashule and other ANC rogues are coincidental beneficiaries of a game much bigger than them. The man in Nkandla sees them as useful pawns to perform roles that are part of his grand design. 

The second dimension of the conspiracy is a fightback by the forces of state capture. The goal is to recapture the state and loot more, and to immunise all of them against the law.

That is what must concern us ordinary South Africans. Most of us want to live in a country that is politically stable, where there is rule of law and economic progress. We are not interested in the plots and counterplots that are raging in the ANC.

The question, then, follows: What must we ordinary citizens do to protect our country from being ruined by the ANC?

The first thing we must do is to tell the truth. The most important truth we must acknowledge is that the ANC has become SA’s greatest liability. We are now threatened instead of being inspired by the party.

The next step is for civil society to become more united and speak with one voice in condemning all shenanigans that threaten to destabilise our country.

We must also make a solemn plea to our patriotic men and women in uniform. We must implore them to deal firmly against anyone who attempts to block any road in SA.

Should the Constitutional Court impose a jail sentence on Zuma, the police must rush to Nkandla and net him. Those of us who love SA must not allow our country to be held to ransom by rogues wearing the colours of a derailed political party that used to inspire us.

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