Njuzu is now Pregnant with Hell Commander’s baby: Video

Njuzu is now Pregnant with Hell Commander’s baby: Video. The drama between Hell COmmander and his two mistresses keeps getting better and better each and every day. It seems if you are a mbinga you can like literally get anything you want.

Just a day ago MsShally who had claimed that she is no longer with Hell Commander romantically, was spotted driving his Lamborghini Urus and many were left confused. This was so because prior to that 2 days earlier Hell Commander on his Instagram posted a Meme of Robert Mugabe saying Ndodzoka here meaning (Can l come back again) he tagged MsShally on it who responded by laughing emojis.

For a second there, people thought the 2 guys had worked things out and a possible reunion was on the cards. But it seems there is no such thing after this latest development that the two that is Hell Commander and Njuzu have just dished out.

In an Instagram Live that Njuzu did last night with Hell Commander, they disclosed that Njuzu was pregnant and she even showed off the baby bump. Check the video below

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