Prosecutor Accused of “Killing” Bushiri’s Daughter

Malawi’s Director of Public Prosecution, Dr Steve Kayuni prosecutor, has been accused of “killing” Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter Israella by delaying her travel for medication abroad.

Sworn affidavits by Bushiri’s doctors suggest that Dr Steve Kayuni’s actions reduced the child’s chances of survival from a hopeful 90 per cent to just 5 per cent.

The late Israella Bushiri (8), was refused medical evacuation at Kamuzu International Airport in the country’s capital Lilongwe in February 2021 when a private medical ambulance chartered by the family was turned away.

Israella was only permitted to leave Malawi on the 25th of February after the family approached the courts and she died on the 29th of March, in Nairobi, Kenya.

During her funeral service, Shepherd Bushiri absolved the government of Malawi of any wrongdoing but said a single person was behind the block that led to the child’s death.

But Israella’s doctors, who tended to her until she died have now released documents and a scathing affidavit that implies Kayuni’s decision to delay the child’s treatment led to her death.

Reads part of the affidavit written by the doctors and submitted to Bushiri’s lawyers, and signed by Kenyan police:

The child reacted well initially to treatment, but required ventilators, and advanced medical care which was not availed in Malawi. Her condition was life-threatening but she had at least 95% chances of recovering if she had received immediate care. The delay allowed the infection to progress unmitigated, damaging the lining of her lungs and causing mucus build up.

By the time she was eventually released, she only had 5% chances of survival. Had she been allowed to travel when the evacuation was first ordered, she would have survived.

In an interview after the Bushiris appeared before a Lilongwe Magistrate, Steve Kayuni refused to comment saying it was a court decision and court process which is still underway adding “No comment.”

Kayuni who is the lead prosecutor in the extradition case between the Bushiri’s and South Africa also refused to confirm or deny the allegations by the Bushiri family that it was his decision to block the child’s travelling.

The Bushiris are reportedly intending to lay criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter (culpable homicide) against “whoever made that decision to stop the medical evacuation”

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