We are vindicated!!! Mwonzora is indeed a Zanu puppet: MDC Veterans Activists Association (MDC VAA)

The MDC Veterans Activists Association faced a salvo of accusations and insults from the varakashi cyber bullies and The doggie sycophants for condemning the MDC-T’s  unholy tag team with ZANU PF to pass the grotseque bill.

We were accused of  bootlicking and indulging in politics of malice and hatred.However, these accusations were baseless and unfounded as our stance was premised squarely on events obtaining in both the upper and lower houses.

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ZANU PF nolonger command two thirds majority in both the upper and lower houses hence Mwonzora’s MDC-T donated the much needed votes to attain the two-thirds majority. It does not need a Rocket Scientist to figure out the relationship between the MDC-T and ZANU PF.

The shredding of the Constitution not only speaks volumes but clearly exposes the wolves in sheep’s skin masquerading as Opposition. It has now been exposed how MDC-T publicly spoke against the amendment No. 2 bill  but rubber-stamped it behind closed doors. It is now official,the MDC-T abused their illegal representation in both houses to forge an unholy tag team with ZANU PF to reconfigure the Constitution to their own settings to resonate with their personal and selfish egos contrary to what the people amplified during the constitutional consultations under COPAC that gave birth to the 2013 constitution.

As the Veterans of the poor people’s struggle, we are vindicated.

We stood solidly and continue to stand behind the MDC Alliance and its leadership because we had/have noticed the MDC-T’s treacherous and Luciferous ways which is totally divorced from the founding principles of the people’s struggle. It is our duty not only serve victims of the Democratic Struggle, but also to safeguard the gains of our struggle and party from the Muzorewas of today.

It is sad that the MDC-T has brought in a new culture in the opposition politics which is totally foreign and very much unMDC ; a culture of  “serving their pockets than serving the people, and a culture of imbecility. They have abandoned the people’s cause and are focusing on their personal cause. They have abandoned the ethos of the people’s Struggle and have hopped into bed with the dictator in return for Fringe benefits at the expense of  the masses languishing in abject poverty. In the people’s struggle everything for the people should be by the people and with the people, not this commandeering which leaves out the people and other stakeholders.

The MDC-T assisted the ZANU PF regime to pass legislation which is anti people and which gives Mnangagwa supreme powers which had been trimmed by the 2013 Constitution. Ironically Douglas Mwonzora is amending a Constitution he co-authored before it has been implemented.

Nothing can sanitise Mwonzora cabal’s treacherous ways against the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.Their attempt to hoodwink people into thinking they voted to empower women and youth is futile.There is nothing principled about sacrificing the people’s constitution for mere political patronage.

Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is turning in his grave as his name is being used and abused on matters that are not of national importance but personal. We however want to remind Mwonzora and his entourage that no amount of imbecility, treachery and egocentricism can stop the people’s quest for democracy and egalitarianism. The real winds of democratic change blowing are unstoppable, worse still for those who dig their own graves by romancing with thugs that have murdered hundreds of veterans of the democratic struggle.

By Mandava Blessing
National Spokesperson

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