Pokello’s $30k-Plus Hermes Birkin Bag Gifted By His Son Is Fake, Social Media Says

This Mothers day was not just an ecstatic day for the Zimbabwean self-proclaimed “Queen of Swagger” as she celebrated being a mother for over 18 years now – but a wardrobe upgrade day too!

The host and founder of the infamous Sunday Confessions took to her Instagram stories as she got pampered with luxury presents from her family and friends.

Sis, even got a rare Hermes Birkin Bag flown directly from France.

Yes, she claims this was a present from her 18 year old son.

But, wait!

Is this is an estimated $30 000 – $100 000 plus or minus worth of rare Birkin leather bag she just flaunted? The Rihanna and Beyonce priced possession kind of a bag?

And was bought for her by her 18 year old son?

Well, what can we say, Sis said so. But we don’t really know of its true.

Social media streets have spoken and they claim sis is a straight faced liar

And many have started questioning if all her “expensive” gifts she flaunts in her gram, are really “expensive and original”?

According to Hermes, for one to lay their hands on a brand new bag that has become a symbol of wealth and exclusivity due to its high price; they have to go through an assumed long waiting list that can take up to a year.

Due to this, there has been a rise in upscale resale market of second hand Birkin bags across the globe.

And one can get it from the lowest price of US$11, 000 from the second hand market, while a brand new most expensive bag of this nature is at $390 000.

But Sis Pokello’s bag wasn’t a second hand.

It was boxed and came together with the keys and a clochette.

Which means it is a brand new Hermes Birkin Bag. A brand new original or a very brand new fake bag that costs at around $800 to a thousand in streets.

Ever since she started trending on social media for the alleged fake bag, sis has been blocking all trolls, left right and centre.

She just doesn’t want to entertain any of their negativity.

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