WATCH: Prophet Passion Java Mocks Prophet Makandiwa After His Prophecies Are Stolen From Church

Judging from the recent video that was made by Prophet Passion Java it seems the enmity between popular Zimbabwean men of the cloth, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church (UFIC) and Prophet Passion Java is far from over.

The enmity seems to be escalating with each passing day with Prophet Passion Java mocking  Prophet Makandiwa after he lost hundreds of his prophecies and sermons to thieves.

Prophet Makandiwa suffered a huge loss when his videos were stolen at his church but Passion Java of the Passion Java Ministries and Kingdom Embassy church allegedly made fun of Makandiwa’s loss when he posted a video just a couple of minutes after the spokesperson for the church  Pastor Prime Kufa announced the development on social media.

Java captioned the video;

“Shocking and Breaking…. Ndabirwa…!!!”

Social media users considered the video made by Passion Java to be quite offensive. Here are some of the comments from Instagram;


Muchinda uyu arikuseka kubirwa kwakaitwa Makandiwa nembavha, usadaro Java.admiremanja

Hàaa apa wakuda kufarisa manje zvosekesa hre kut Makandiwa akabirwagwang892

Hamus makuseka Makandiwa hre😢zoe_vocalz

This is a diss at Makandiwa asi ngenyiii muchidaro 😢mkuru72

Ndovaudza mukuru makandiwadenber___

 isn’t he just being sarcastic pakubirwa kwamakandiwa

A war has been brewing in the prophetic circles between some of Zimbabwe’s prominent and charismatic prophets.

Recently Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was sucked into the social media war between Prophet Passion Java and Prophet Evidence Chari.

This comes after Passion Java revealed that Evidence Chari told him that he was sent by Prophet Makandiwa to tarnish his image. Java did not elaborate on whether Makandiwa was aware of the purported plot to tarnish Java’s image. He, however, said that he would not respond and would let God fight his battles.

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