Don’t Let Shugeta Grab Your Behind In Public: Tatelicious Urges Anna Chibaby

Read Tatelicious’ open letter to Anna Chibaby Honde below;Tsamba kuna Anna“Wadiwa Anna.You don’t have to take my advice but akuruma nzeve ndewako.Try to separate your relationships with work.Zviri kuku urayira brand.Who you date its your right and choice and we have to respect that.But since pakauya sekuru vematama ava, your ratings have dropped drastically.Remember Shugeta is just a boyfriend not your husband.Kubuda wakabatwa garo nemunhu asina kukuroora zvinobvisa chimiro big time because HAUSI HURE SESU VAMWE.Ko akasakuroora,do you think the next man will give you respect???Batanai magaro off camera and when you are on set,give us YOUR BRAND the Anna we are used to.I personally like your confidence,craft of your skits and how you MC events. Separate private life from work then you survive this industry.You might ask wani Queen you post your dating & sex life,my Response is ini sehure ndenge ndichito Advetiza kuma potential clients but IWE HAUZI HURE.”Kind RegardsQueen WeNyika

Tatelicious.Her fans could only but agree with these sentiments as they alluded that Tatelicious’ advice is an act of love and care.More of these reactions below. Akuruma nzeve ndewako, you can only get this type of message from someone who genuinely care about you

That’s so true queen, I’ll also take that adviceBrilliant advice TateMixing business/work with private life usually ends in tears (or downfall)

Chirimumusaka saka chazvinzwira we all learn thru mistakes chero mai Tt realised this and she decided not to make her relationships public all the best Anna

Thats good advice coz fb haikanganwe it will be reminding you about those photos each and every as long as u live

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