Your money was eroded by inflation, MPs told

Local Government and Public Works Deputy Minister Marian Chombo has told legislators that the money they paid to have their residential stands serviced was eroded by inflation.

Legislators in the 8th and 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe were allocated residential stands as part of ensuring they have decent accommodation.

According to Honourable Temba Mliswa (Norton), the legislators paid the money that was required for servicing stands but nothing has happened so far.

Deputy Minister Chombo acknowledged the payments made by the legislators but said it could not do anything due to the effects of inflation.

‘’I hear you and I concur with you but if you recall, the monies that were paid as service fees, when we went out to try and do the servicing, there was inflation and so forth.  So, it was not enough for us to be able to give out the service of sewer and water reticulation and the road maintenance.

‘’However, be rest assured my ministry is seized with that and we are going to make sure that we deliver and your Honourable will be honoured,’’ she said.

Honourable Mliswa was not happy with the delays, adding that it puts government in bad light.

‘’…those stands were not for free, we paid for them and the money that we paid was for servicing the land. Why are you not servicing the land and why are you saying you have no money?

‘’There were no hand-outs. I have a receipt, and I fully paid for mine – why is the land not serviced? Why not use this as a model to the country, that you are a reliable Ministry that does what it says. This does not put you in good light with the public when you cannot honour Honourable Members of Parliament.

‘’I repeat honourable Members of Parliament, where is our honour when we have nowhere to stay?  Where is your honour when you are totally dishonouring everything that you say?

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