MsShally spotted in USA and living her best life: Pics

MsShally spotted in USA and living her best life: Pics. The former Ginimbi manager and businesswoman Shaleen Manhire Nullens is living her life out and to the fullest after being recently involved in a series of bad situations starting from last year November to be exact when his then-manager Ginimbi died in an unfortunate accident.

MsShally has grown to be a big name in the country especially in the entertainment sector as her role as Ginimbi manager catapulted her publicity. She also went even more viral recently after her public messy relationship with fellow businessman and socialite also friends with the late Ginimbi Hell Commander.

MsShally has, however, left that whole drama behind and is currently in the US where she is having fun we guess and as a business person, she might be there for business too. Nothing hurts to kill two birds with one stone after all. Check the picture below as she is enjoying the USA.

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