Content is king, especially when can impart knowledge. Meet the girl next door who happens to be a great content creator and Doctor Wadzanayi Mungoshi. She is a dentist who restores smiles and now she tells us how to keep up with our dental health in simple and palatable ways.

Growing up, what was it like?

I was born and raised in Harare. I attended Dominican Convent High School Harare. I was very much involved in extracurricular activities and I enjoyed my time there. Growing up I was a very confident and outspoken child. I really enjoyed being in the spotlight! However I lost most of that confidence in high school. Maybe it was just a phase in adolescence, I’m not sure. But I became extremely terrified of attention and extra- curricular activities like public speaking became my worst nightmare

Content creationwas it something you always wanted to do? 

I can’t say content creation was always something I wanted to do, no. I only really started taking the idea of content creation seriously in the past 3 or so years.

How did you become a digital native? 

I guess all I needed was a good camera and the girl.

Your three rules online?

Three rules online – Curate everything you put out there; always engage with your followers and subscribers ; have fun with it – don’t be too uptight 

What led you to starting your own channel? 

It’s really a decision I kind of made overnight. Sort of like an instinct. I like to think the idea was put in my mind by God for a reason, so I followed through. Also, I’ve always wanted to share my passion for dentistry and I didn’t want to congest my personal Instagram account with too much dental content.

You have personality on your videos and people trust a smiling doc right?

I think I do! I also think there’s always room for improvement. A smiling doc is best to ease patient anxiety. You have no idea how many people dread going to the dentist. If I can ease that anxiety I would be very happy.

How do you formulate your content? 

Well when I started the channel I came up with a list of ideas and videos I want to do. Basically trying to educate people about dentistry in a fun and engaging manner. So I picked the topics with the most frequently asked questions and based my ideas on that.

YourInstagram and Tik Tok is filled with oral health content, it has helped me a lot as someone who didn’t get to see a doctor as kid.

The idea really is to help my fellow Zimbabweans access oral health content easily. Especially the youth. I realize a lot of people don’t actively go out searching for this information so if I can bring to them in a digestible form via TIK TOK and IG then my work is done!

Creating reference points for professionals and layman how do you balance the two and still remain informative?

That is actually very difficult! Trying to balance between oversimplifying dental concepts for the laymen and leaving out way too much information for the professional. It’s a delicate balance but I always try to not over simplify things. I’m sure even the layman can keep up!

Why professionals should use social media to inform and enrich other? 

Professionals should definitely embrace social media. It’s the easiest way to connect with patients old and new and showcase their work, especially in fields like orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry 

Word of advice to future doctors/dentists

If you’re looking to join the medical/dental field be 100% sure it’s your passion. There’s a long period of unrewarding work that comes after graduation and if you’re not passionate enough, this might depress you. Also, dare to dream big and think outside the box, don’t always conform!

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