US$100 000 Irrigation Equipment Rots At Late ZANU PF Bigwig’s Farm

Irrigation equipment worth US$100 000 bought by the Government is rotting at the late Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa’s Louder Farm in Gutu, Masvingo Mirror reports.

Mahofa took delivery of a centre pivot brought in under the Government-run Brazil More Food for Africa Scheme and Pedstock Farm Mechanisation Scheme in 2015 but the equipment is wasting away while thousands of farmers do not have access to such machinery.

Agricultural experts told the publication that there are only 11 such centre pivots in the whole of Masvingo Province.

Although the scheme was meant for communal farmers, the equipment ended up benefitting powerful ZANU PF politicians and the military top brass.

The Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira said he will talk to Fungai Mahofa to find out why the equipment is lying idle.

According to Masvingo Mirror, Mahofa’s Louder Farm is 25km from Mpandawana Town along Gutu – Chatsworth Road.

The expansive farm in the prime agricultural area is derelict with only two herds of cattle on it and tall grass growing in the fields where the towering pivot is pitched.

There is totally no activity on the farm and Mahofa who lies at the Heroe’s acre after being declared a national heroine owns four farms in the province.

Mahofa’s daughter Nyengeterai told the publication that the farm and the equipment on it are private property and none of the publication’s concern She said:

Did I ask you whether you slept with your wife or not last night? Then the centre pivot is none of your business.

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