Hell Commander disses late Ginimbi, swears at him: Video

Hell Commander disses late Ginimbi, swears at him: Video. The businessman who is also a socialite who goes by the name of Simba Trevor Mbizvo popularly known as Hell Commander last night created a whole scene that has backfired and will probably cost him so many fans and popularity on social media.

Yesterday Hell Commander doing his usual Instagram lives sweared at the late Ginimbi whilst he showed off some of the ladies she was having fun with. Hell Commander who we all believed to befriend Ginimbi and was this week spotted with Nelia Kadungure having also made people confused and angry after he dissed Ginimbi the way he did.

Check the video below as he is heard scene sying Mhata yako na Ginimbi wenyu. He is also heard saying if you want Ginimbi go to Domboshava. Hell Commander became popular after he dated Ginimbi former manager MsShally. Ginimbi was buried in Domboshava at his Mansion.

Watch video below

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