Govt Extends Grace Period For Importation Of Second-Hand Cars

The government has extended the grace period for the importation of second-hand cars that are over 10 years old to the end of June since there are still such cars bought before the ban that are yet to be cleared.

In a statement last night, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said:

_Following the promulgation of Statutory Instrument 89 of 2021 on the importation of second-hand cars that are more than 10 years old, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in collaboration with Zimra is extending the administrative transitional arrangement up to 30 June 2021._

_This has been done to allow the clearance and processing of outstanding vehicles purchased prior to the gazetting of SI 89 of 2021._

The ministry further notes stated that the cars must have been paid for on or before April 2, 2021, adding that proof of payment in line with the RBZ Exchange Rate Control Regulations must be attached along with any other supporting documents.

Stakeholders are reminded that SI 89 of 2021 requires prior approval for the import of second-hand vehicles that are over 10 years old as each such vehicle now requires its own import licence and these older cars are no longer on the open general import licence.

The ban does not apply to heavy commercial vehicles and tractors.

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