Zimbabweans React Angrily To ZESA Power Cuts

Some parts of Zimbabwe have in recent days experienced power cuts prompting residents of those areas to respond angrily to the local power utility, Zesa.

Speaking on power cuts in Mabelreign in Harare and other areas, Councillor Denford Ngadziore said he had confirmed with Zesa that the blackout is load-shedding from Hwange Power Station. 

He added that the load-shedding has affected many areas in the Country. 

This is happening when the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, Hon Magna Mudyiwa has told Parliament that Zesa cannot afford to install solar systems because there is no funding.

Pindula News present below some responses to power cuts around the country.

Stringer Bell @HRH__S_Little little rain, no Zesa_Fifie @Tendayee_Seems like Zesa is going back to its old ways_Cole

 @Logic1303_It should be who has Zesa in Zim right now. Koz most cities spent the whole night in the dark_

shaun @Shaun7567_Zesa has no respect for us loadshedding during winter_

Zimbabwe has had acute power shortages in the past few years as local production went down due to faults at power generation sites while importation also decreased as a result of limited production by potential suppliers. Energy and Power Development Permanent Secretary Engineer Gloria Magombo earlier warned that Zimbabwe would have a power deficit in winter and urged the citizenry to use it sparingly. 

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