Birchnough Bridge May Collapse Any Time From Now

LACK of maintenance has seen the iconic Birchenough Bridge being turned into a one-way passage for vehicles weighing less than 25 tonnes as assessments of the structure revealed that it could pose danger to motorists if weight restrictions were not enforced.

A boom gate (pictured) at each end of the bridge prevents more than one large vehicle from driving across at any given time.
There are cracks on both ends of the bridge’s tarmac entry points while the structure shakes each time heavy vehicles drive past.

Birchenough Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the country.
Foundations were commenced in April 1934 and were ready for steelwork in November.

The arch span was completed on June 17th, 1935, and the concrete roadway was practically complete at the end of September, 1935.

The iconic arch bridge was designed by Engineer Ralph Freeman and was built by Dorman Long.

The structure was named in honour of businessman, Sir John Henry Birchenough, who served as chairman of the Beit Trust.
However, lack of maintenance over the years has seen the structure weakening with the passage of time.

The bridge’s structures have also suffered battering from Cylones Eline and Idai-induced floods. Zimpapers

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