BeatBarrow One-Stop Shop For Local Music

Music streaming is now very popular with everyone having a music streaming app in their
phone. But that is not the best part of music streaming. We now have a music app that streams
local music.
BeatBarrow is a music streaming app with all the local Zimbabwean songs, #100%LocalIsLekker.
From the throwback songs of the life of John Chibadura, to the UrbanGrooves hits to the Gospel
Tracks that we so love to listen to, BeatBarrow has it all for you. Available on the AppStore and
still yet to come on Google Play, this app has proven to surpass all the expectations. The main
features include the Artist’s story, which gives off a small bio about the artist. You can easy
navigate the app and search the music without any hassle. You can even create a playlist of
your own which people can listen to and share.
And we all have to agree nothing beats our local tunes and BeatBarrow has made it even easier
for all the local content lovers!

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