List Of Pledges Mnangagwa Made In 2018

In the run-up to the 2018 elections, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ruling ZANU PF party made a number of pledges that gave the nation hope that they were to witness real transformation in the Southern African country.

Mnangagwa’s pledge card stated that in the next five years (2018 -2023), he would:

  • Put Job creation first: Leveraging the huge investment wave to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in agriculture, mining, tourism, the service sectors and new infrastructure project.
  • Have Zero-tolerance to corruption: Anyone found guilty of corruption will be immediately fired and punished accordingly – nobody is above the law!
  • Establish a modern, affordable healthcare system for all: Reducing hospital fees by 50%, improving the supply of critical drugs, guaranteeing free healthcare to all cancer patients and building 78 new hospitals ensuring one hospital per district.
  • Develop Infrastructure worthy of the new Zimbabwe: Increasing power generation capacity, constructing a new railway network system connecting all provinces, towns and neighbouring countries, and dualisation of all major roads.
  • Generate unprecedented educational and employment opportunities for our youth: Developing empowerment programmes such as Youth Business Hubs, fostering youth ownership and control of resources, establishing quotas for allocation of stands and houses, and mentorship and training programmes


Authorities claim that while they are still working towards achieving all the set targets, the government led by President Mnangagwa has already surpassed achievements made by the Robert Mugabe regime.

Meanwhile, some argue that the change that was witnessed since the rise of Mnangagwa to power in 2017 was in the negative direction.

They cite the power crisisstarvationfuel crisis and the shrinking of the democratic space as evidence that the nation is moving backwards.

Mnangagwa who has embarked on a number of projects including the dualisation of the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu Highway, the mordenisation of the Beitbridge Border Post, admits that “Zimbabwe is not without its challenges.”

He is still optimistic saying “myself and this government are fully committed to improving our great nation for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.”

Zimbabwe goes back to the polls in 2 years time and failure to or success in achieving the 2018 election promises will have far-reaching consequences to Mnangagwa.

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