Beverly “Bev” Sibanda EXPOSES Cheating Husband & Shares Damning Evidence On SM

t seems that all is not well in Beverly “Bev” Sibanda’s marriage to United Kingdom-based Chambuka Mufudzi. The Queen of dance and leader of the Sexy Angels dance troupe blew a gasket on Sunday and exposed her cheating husband’s shenanigans. Bev even shared damning evidence of Mufudzi’s cheating on social media.

It appears that the couple’s marriage has been rocky for a while. Just last week, Bev made a cryptic post on social media in which she implied that her husband may have been cheating on her. She wrote,

“Munhu anokuwana uchizvihurira okuroora, otanga kukuhurira zvakasimba obva otokanganwa kuti une chipo chawakagarira #kwinofsplits

This loosely translates to

(Someone marries you fully knowing that you are promiscuous, then goes on to be more promiscuous, in the process forgetting that you have a huge talent for promiscuity that you are not utilizing).

However, when questioned about the post, Bev played it down and insisted that all was well in her marriage. The dirty dancer claimed that she had used the controversial post as a marketing gimmick as she wanted to draw attention to the skincare products she was selling on social media.

She even promised to let people know if things ever went awry in her marriage. It seems like she followed up on her promise. On Sunday, she went all out and exposed her husband alleging that he is cheating on her. In an explosive post, she wrote,

Hero basa iro iwe ndiwe wekuhuraikoko ini ndini wekuchengeta chiweti changu kuno. ( So this is how it works: you are the one allowed to be cheating and promiscuous that side, while I am supposed to remain faithful this side).

She accompanied the post with a series of photos that show Mufudzi looking cosy with a woman who is yet to be identified. She also shared pictures of the woman as well as screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between Mufudzi and the woman. The screenshots appear to have been taken from Mufudzi’s phone and in most of the conversations, the woman seems to be asking for money from Bev’s husband. The screenshots are dated 21 August 2020 and 2 October 2020.

A few hours after the damning post, the dancer posted another series of photos and screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between the other woman and Mufudzi which she captioned “Part 2”.

From the conversations, it appears that the woman had a falling out with Bev’s husband. Just like the other screenshots, they appear to have been taken from Mufudzi’s phone.

Based on the conversation in the screenshot, it seems that Mufudzi reacted angrily when the woman failed to answer when he was trying to call her. In his anger, he then insulted her using expletives.‌

This did not go down well with the woman who took umbrage at the fact that Mufudzi wanted her to be always available when he called her She accused him of not respecting her and reminded him that he was cheating on Bev. She then claimed that she was blocking him because she did not want any part of his madness.

Bev did not explain how she found out that her husband was cheating on her or how she came across the screenshots.  However, about an hour  after posting “Part 2,” she posted “Part 3.”

In “part 3” she posted a screenshot from a conversation the other woman, Pearl, had with an as yet unidentified person. In the conversation, Pearl talks about wanting to have an abortion. She cautions the other woman not to tell Mufudzi until the deed is done.

Beverly Sibanda seems to have finished off her tirade by declaring that she is back in business. She ominously declared that she will give people an eyeful once the President lifts Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and allows bars and nightclubs to start functioning normally.

She wrote,

The Snooker is now bek 😂😂😂 president ngavangovhura bhawa muone.

The word “snooker” is sometimes used in some circles to refer to women of questionable morals who are known for their carefree lifestyles. These women have no loyalty to anyone and will willingly entertain anyone they fancy.

At the time of publishing, it seemed that the cheating saga was still ongoing and it was not clear if Bev was done exposing her husband’s alleged cheating shenanigans on social media,

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