Prophet Passion Java Sends Sweet Message To Celebrate His Wife’s Birthday

Flamboyant religious leader, Prophet Passion Java has penned a heartfelt birthday message for his beautiful wife Lily Java (nee Tsegaye)

Lily Java turned 31 years today.

Taking to Instagram prophet Passion Java gushed over his wife and told her how much he appreciates her.

He wrote;

“Happy birthday to @lily_java I’m not far from you because you are right here in my heart… I love you so much and I appreciate all the love, work and excellence from you to us!”

Lily Java who is of Ethiopian descent got married to prophet Passion Java in 2016, in a flamboyant ceremony in Jamaica.

Lily Java
Passion and Lily Java on their wedding day

Before he married Lily Tsegaye, prophet Passion Java was married to Yasmin Java, another exotic beauty, but it  ended in tears.

Lily Tsegaye who comes from a well-up family, reportedly met Passion Java in 2016 at a conference in Baltimore USA.

However, at the time, Lily Java was blamed for destroying Passion and Yasmin Java’s marriage.

She denied it  saying

Some people think I had something to do with his separation and eventual divorce. That is 100 percent false. But what I learnt in life is that people will always talk and create stories about you from the little information they have without asking to hear the complete story from all parties involved. But as long as I am clear and clean before God in that regard, I do not need human approval for I know who I am in Christ Jesus.

Lily Java is also a prophetess, a preacher, and a counselor. She once revealed that she had her prophetic calling at the age of 23, in a vision.


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