Olinda Chapel responds to Tatelicious accusations: Video

Olinda Chapel responds to Tatelicious accusations: Video. Olinda Chapel has responded to Queen Tatelicious claims of her sending money to ex-husband Stunner. This all started after Tatelicious said Stunner was still receiving money from the London-based businesswoman despite being married to baby father Tytan.

The drama is on again and you know when the queen of social media takes it on it’s always interesting. Tatelicious is one of the best gossipers we have on social media and when she starts a rumour or her gossips she makes sure she gets to the bottom of the issue.

So this time around she is back with the Stunner, Olinda saga again. She is back and is claiming that the two ex’s are at it again. She says their love for each other is not dead and is not dying anytime soon as she reports that Olinda is apparently sending Stunner money.

Well, Olinda has responded to these bizarre accusations. Check the video below

Source – MbareTimes

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