Mai Titi moves into the CBD

Mai Titi moves into the CBD. Born Felistas Murata, the versatile entertainer said the move is to preserve her family’s privacy and the need to meet international standards. Popular comedienne and musician Mai TT has moved her offices from home into the central business district.

Mai Titi

“Privacy yevana inongodiwawo saka ndabvisa office kumba kuti vana vawane rudekaro,” said Mai TT.

She also said that her decision to move into the capital was meant to ease pressure with her clients. “A number of people seeking my services are increasing that includes respected women and it is professional to meet them in an office away from home.

Mai Titi

Business people take you serious when operating from an office kana kubhadhara mari havazozeza. “International attention needs someone operating under international standards in order to raise Zimbabwe flag high.

“Vamwe ukavati huya kumba vanenge vavekuda kuwona zvakawanda nekukanda meso pesepese hence the need to separate family and business premises,” she said. Situated along Robert Mugabe Road, Mai TT’s office is close to her daughter’s beauty parlour.


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