MUSIC VIDEO: Poptain ft Anita Jaxson – More

He has released what he calls an Iphone video (the assumption is gang shot it on a iPhone yeah?).

In fact the story is:

After our Kariba show didn’t happen the team and I were taking some photos and then decided to switch it up and record a video, we had recorded the demo before with Leekay Di Man so it made sense to shoot a small video. A few weeks later Anita Jaxson and I decide we just want to put it out now for the people to enjoy.

And so it was. And it is pretty well-edited and makes for what is a good look, as in you enjoy it, even as it as shot on minimal equipment.

The song itself is a love song and the two do complement each other very well, both exponents of the duet mode a lot of music exists in at the minute.

Watch More from Poptain and Anita Jaxson below and tell us what you think:


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