Zimoco Has No Monopoly: “Back-Door” Benz Mechanic Causes Stir On Social Media

A “back-door” Mercedes Benz mechanic has caused a stir on social media with some saying some of these mechanics are former Zimoco employees.

Zimoco are the only official distributors of Mercedes-Benz in Zimbabwe.

The discussion started after one @Waltjackman posted on Twitter suggesting that some individuals rushed into buying Mercedes Benz vehicles yet they can’t afford a proper service for it.

He warned that while it seems cheaper to engage back-door mechanics, damages to the vehicle might outweigh the cost they would have incurred if they engaged Zimoco.

Responses opposed to the post started coming in en masse with many suggesting that the informal mechanics knew what they were doing. Pindula News present some of the responses below.Twiteryashe @TonteyP_Some of these guys vepasi pemuti are equally good, kushaya a proper set up chete_Luckson Zvobgo @zvobgoluckson_but it seems like that guy is a mec specialist. anotori nedziri lined up [there are more vehicles line up]._
the drunk monkey @drunk_n_monkey_I have an uncle who fixes car zvemando yepamusoro i always take my car to him he is old now havachaenda kubasa but he knows his things [An uncle of mine is now old and retired but he knows how to fix the cars.]_
BENZma@WltJackMan responded saying some brands that can’t be played around with “especially when it’s relatively new and in good shape.”Cuzin@kudzie27october_Haaaaa mdara team iri rogona kusota mota kutodarika kuZimoco kwacho …..tobvuma kut pasi pemuti pane risk yekubirwa maparts and all but it doesn’t mean kut havagone kusota mota idzo [Those guys can fix the Mercedes Benz better than Zimoco. We agree that there is high risk of parts being stolen but they know fixing cars.]_Kenny Mandebvu@KanguruKenneth_Even at Zimoco that’s what they also do to these cars though. And some of these pasi pemuti (back-door) mechanics will be Ex-Zimoco employees._The informal sector in Zimbabwe has grown bigger than the formal sector mainly due to the closure of formally registered companies leading to mass retrenchments.

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