Rosalie Chigariro Becomes The First Black Zimbabwean To Volunteer Her Body For Medical Research

Rosalie Chigariro has become the first-ever black Zimbabwean to volunteer her body for medical research purposes.

Rosalie Chigariro (64)  who unfortunately passed away on Sunday in Johannesburg donated her remains for medical research at the University Of Zimbabwe(UZ).

Speaking to the State media, Chigariro’s family members revealed that it had always been  Chigariro’s wish to donate her body to the institution of higher learning for research when she dies.

Chigariro’s family has already contacted the Department of Biomedical Sciences Anatomy Unit in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences so that they can process the release of the body.

Donating a body or organs for medical research is not a common practice in Zimbabwe. The very idea of getting sliced or diced for research is foreign and not even welcome unlike in Western countries.

An anatomical donation or full-body donation is considered to be a good initiative as it allows a research institution to study new ways to understand and fight serious diseases.

Full body donation can support the progress of research in fields such as cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

The human body needs to be perfect and as intact as possible to be considered for donation

Bodies can be donated both by an individual as well as the next of kin. If a person wants to donate their body for medical research, they first need to get that in writing through a will.

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