OpenView To Block Decoders Being Used Outside South Africa

Popular South African free-to-air satellite TV provider OpenView says it has taken a decision to block decoders that are outside South Africa.

OpenView offers a range of channels like eTV, SABC, and France 24, among others. It has become popular since South African authorities blocked pirate decoders from broadcasting free-to-air channels about a decade ago.

In a statement to Techzim following recent social media reports claiming the free-to-air satellite TV provider was moving to block its service outside South Africa, OpenView said:

Currently, Openview has a license to only operate in South Africa. Meaning, we are not authorized to extend our service outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

We are hoping to expand to other African countries at a later stage, but at this point, we are more focused on growing our South African Viewership.

For now, we have taken a decision to block decoders being used outside our legal jurisdiction.


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