Letters From My Deathbed: Dear Mr President

Good morning Mr President Sir.This happens to be Radio Dodger broadcasting from the other side of the City.You know the side that raised you and many other gallant sons and daughters of the soil who bled,died in liberating us lazy millenials an exercise you never tire of mentioning when questions about dilapidated infrastructure and misrule come up.The  side Mr President Sir where working roads are a myth and running water is a Santa Claus of sorts only visiting once a year but not really.

I broadcast this message on my deathbed with an impending meetup with the grim reaper by way of my own hands.Hands that have tried everything on God’s green earth with man made blocks at every turn.This heinous act is my own Chimurenga a case of me literally taking matters into my own hands and liberating myself from the constraints of a cruel world and the tedious responsibilities that come with such a task.Granted i shouldn’t blame you for my own inadequacies,lack of a spine or a tummy strong enough to stomach the mental,economical and emotional demands of a fast paced morden world but there are a few outstanding issues 

My Job Mr President Sir.See I’m a cop one of your lackeys  but rather than serve and protect the general populace i have become a political pawn on the chessboard of the perilous dystopia that is life in Zimbabwe.A toy soldier to fight your political opponents nay a clay Maradona to score cheap political goals against your political opponents more often than not fighting for a brighter future for me and my peers and the people you claim to love.Reconcilling that with my already fragile conscience has become a tall order as long a man  as i am.
It is thus my last request to you to take off your hazy eyewear and take full stock of your people’s plight and make decisions that will somewhat makeup for what many may deem your undeserving inevitable interment at the national shrine.Would you rather be copilot of a buoyant high flying jet or the sole Captain of a shipwrecked once magnificent behemoth.One third of a triumvirate overseeing a flourishing empire or the sole Emperor of a falling giant on its last steps before sinking into the dismal abyss that houses fallen Empires

Yours SincerelyDonald Marindire

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